Our Values & Philosophy

The central theme of the firm is to respect and enhance human potential and strive to create a better future – for individuals, small groups and large communities.

Beliefs and mind sets are as important to us as behavior – we believe that behavior is a product of beliefs. 

We feel that “skill” is overplayed and “will” is often neglected.  In our work in individual development, we focus on “will” dimension and find that “skill” follows.

Independence of thought is crucial to the integrity of our consulting practice. We will not structure any engagement that compromises this value. Our best value to the client is our candor combined with strong empathy. We will bring in our point of view, however dissonant it  may be with the client’s current thinking. We will not accept a point of view merely to please 
the  client.

Partnership is a crucial engagement value with clients. Partnership values include a deep respect for the client and mutual learning. The client places before us understanding of his business and we bring to him our specialization and insights gained from many other client interactions.

Client readiness and commitment are crucial elements in the engagement and in the success of the association.

Our commercial terms are on a “fixed price” basis. We will offer our best terms, every time and   all the time. A lower fee structure can be designed with reduced scope and features to suit client requirements